Online Marketing Sources to Produce Website Profits

In this article, I explore how to use Email, RSS Feeds, Podcasts, Networks, Affiliate Sales, Viral Marketing and Online Press Releases to bring sales in the door through your website.


Use your website to mine customer information as described previously, then send permission based (Opt-In) email to the clients regarding: Specials, Discounts, New Product or Services, Newsletters, Blog Posts, etc. Here are some email tips:

Make the Email a Mini Sales Page: Bulleted; Benefit and Value Oriented; Top Solutions to Customer Problems; Why Do Business with your Company; Why Immediate Action is Advantageous; Directed to Act; Directed Personally; Short Headlines; Use a Value Based, Resource Based Soft Sell Offer; Put Time Limits & Scarcity of Products for Special Offers and Discounts, and so forth.

Use Video and Audio Emails: Try Hello World and Instant Flash Audio to incorporate an added dimension to your Sales Offer. Consider: Testimonials, Demonstrations, Instructions, Mini Courses, Tips, Presentations; an Introduction from a Referral; Seminar Clips to build Credibility- there are endless possibilities to incorporate video and audio into your Sales Emails to Opt-In customers.

RSS Feeds

Really Simple Syndication. These are internet distribution programs that allow people to send and receive short alerts about a blog post, news story, company update, new podcast post – anything you want to alert your customers about. You can use RSS to see what your competitors are doing and promoting. RSS is a great way to stay connected to client and drive targeted traffic to your site. Works great to promote your Blog, a New Product or Service, or a Special – you get the picture. RSS is sent automatically, so once it is set-up, it is a cinch!

Reading RSS Programs (Free)

— Reader Google
— RSS Reader
— News Gator

Note: Internet Explorer 7.0 and later, Outlook 2007, Opera and Firefox have built in RSS Readers.

Providing RSS Feeds on your Website: Use RSS to Java Script or try 1and1

RSS Tips

— Add Fresh Content via Articles and Blogs and send an Alert.
— You can incorporate Google Ad Sense Advertising into your Feeds.
— RSS Subscribe Icon should be located at the top of your web pages.
— Submit your RSS Feed to RSS directories


Record audio or video, post to your web server and offer it on your website. Great Way to offer Industry / Customer specific Resources so your customers can download it on the go and view / listen to it at their convenience. You could even host your own radio or TV show!

Set-Up: I recommend the All-in-One Podcast Start up Kit from M-Audio for a reasonable $200. Includes a Microphone, Audio Interface, Editing Software, etc. – the complete set up.

Syndication Feeds: Distribute your Podcasts as RSS Feeds through:

— Odeo
— Feed Demon
— Feed Burner

Post your Podcast Feeds through Directory Sites, such as:

— Yahoo Podcast
— iTunes
— Podcast Alley

Request a Searchable Category on:

— iTunes
— Podcasting News
— Podcasting – Station
— Podcast Central

Podcast Tips

— Bandwidth is Key.
— No Longer than 30 minutes in duration.
— Promote at top of main pages.
— Definitely us scripts! Polish it up!
— Give it some personality!
— Promote your Podcasts in your Blog and RSS Feeds.
— Although prepared and scripted, try to be conversational and engaged.
— Don’t sell! Provide information. Inform and educate.

The Future – Nanocasts

Narrowly targeted, commercial podcasts using Really Targeted Syndication Feeds (RTS). Highly niched and segmented. For more info: Nanocasting Alliance.


Online Forums, Blogs and Discussion Groups are great places to Network among your fellow entrepreneurs, establish your brand, get your company name out there, drive more traffic to your website, attract new customers and learn from competitors. Online networking gives you the opportunity to strategically position yourself as an Expert and help others, while bringing notice to your expertise and company.

Social Media Sites: like Facebook, Twitter, My Space, Squidoo and You Tube are excellent sites to establish a name and to network. They are fun too!

Twitter is a growing Social Media Micro Blog which can be transmitted and read on a cell phone. Twitter is an excellent forum not to just network but also send out alerts and updates, as you would with RSS, to your customers.

Professional Online Networking: Sites like Linked In and Spock provide an excellent forum to network and cross promote. Be sure to include your Twitter Contact Info, Blog, Facebook Info and other useful links from your Company. This will create an exponential, cross-promotion increase in web traffic.

Forums: Join some professional forums online to get your name and reputation established on the web. Serve as an Expert on some Forums and answer people’s questions – it will quickly establish your credibility and drive traffic to your site.

Affiliate Sales

You can use Affiliate Programs to partner up with other companies to add value to your product and service offerings, making commissions and other income streams off the sales of these products and services to your customers. You can also do the reverse; develop an Affiliate Program of your own so others can sell your offerings to their established customers and networks. I love Affiliate Marketing because once it is set-up; it is a passive generating income, working 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The key is to partner up with other companies you respect and can offer a customer base you can’t or haven’t been able to target and vice versa.

Resources: Mastering Affiliate Sales takes a lot of time and experience building. This is why I highly recommend you check out Mastering Online Marketing as it will get you quickly up to speed on how to set up and use Affiliate Marketing. For a good Affiliate Management Program, try Easy Web Automation – it is a must to effectively manage your affiliate programs.

Affiliate Programs: Check out these sites to find affiliate merchants, products and services:

— Clink Bank
— CJ
— Pay Dot Com

Go Viral

Viral Marketing is grass roots, word of mouth marketing and can be a powerful way of generating a lot of online traffic to your website. E Marketer conducted a study that determined 53% of online traffic comes from other’s recommendations. That’s over half of all traffic folks! So what’s the best way to Go Viral? Simple! Give something valuable away for free and spread the news of the offer on your RSS, Twitter and other online networks. Give away a Free Article or Guide in an area you are an Expert. All your online marketing news are here with updates about the internet markets.

Online Press Release

Online Publicity and PR is a key component in establishing your credibility and stickiness on the web. Check out PR Web to ensure your Press Release gets noticed.

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