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WordPress Magic–What is It?

WordPress Magic puts the power of automation at the fingertips of affiliate marketers. Tired of writing article-after-article? Tired of always coming up with new content for your site? Tired of monetizing each post on your site individuallly? WordPress Magic is the answer to your dilemma. WordPress Magic is a powerful suite of autoblogging plugins consisting of three components: Magic Content Wizard, Magic Feed Wizard and Magic Post Wizard.

Magic Content Wizard pulls content from article directories (with all links intact to comply with terms of service), as well as videos and pictures. You can also configure the plugin to populate comments using Yahoo Answers. The beauty of Magic Content Wizard is that it pulls content according to keyword phrases you have pre-selected. Your posts also use these same keyword phrases for titles, giving you increased SEO for your posts. You can also make the choice to have Magic Content Wizard pull only articles of greater relevancy to your keywords.

Ever find monetizing your posts a tedious task? With Magic Post Wizard, half the work is already done for you. Placing any html or java script ad, including AdSense has never been easier. Add your script to Magic Post Wizard, name and and a template is created that will allow you to prepend or apprend the ad to all of your posts, to certain categories of posts or individual posts themselves. It’s your choice.

Magic Feed Wizard is about to become the latest addition to the plugin suite. Using feeds from popular affiliate networks such as Ebay, Amazon and Commission Junction, MFW allows you to use the feeds to make templates in Magic Post Wizard. These feed-created templates allow you to populate your posts with ease with products from these networks, without having to buy additional software such as phpBay or phpZon. This will save you $100 right off the bat, as this is currently the going rate for the phpBay/phpZon bundle.

With all these advantages to using WordPress Magic, there is still a greater one to consider: The sheer data-gathering power of the tool. In the time it takes you to build one or two sites by hand, you can have literally dozens of WordPress Magic sites up. You will know much sooner than by conventional means which keywords actually convert, and which niches are actually worth pursuing. This allows you to focus on profitable keywords and sites, without wasting weeks and months to find out the same information building handmade created content.

If you still want to build sites by hand do it. But before you waste countless hours and sweat and tears, gather the data you need with the best autoblogging tool available today.

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