Welcome to ELM Therapists

Elm Therapists offer confidential counselling and psychotherapy services for individuals, couples and families. We are professional, qualified and accredited counsellors, therapists and supervisors practising either short-term or long-term therapy including CBT & Mindfulness.

Locations and Appointments

Our counselling services operate from convenient locations covering South West London, Central London (near Victoria) and West London (Nottinghill & Bayswater).

We are usually able to offer a first appointment within one week. Appointments are available on weekdays between 9.00am and 7.30pm. Earlier or later times are negotiable. We also offer Skype & telephone counselling.


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Our Services

Our services include CBT & Mindfulness therapy, individual counselling and psychotherapy, relationship counselling and therapy for couples and families including parents, teenagers and children and psycho-sexual therapy for difficulties in your sex life.

We also offer accredited and registered integrative and systemic supervision.

Meet the Team

Teresa Wilson

I am Teresa Wilson, a qualified counsellor with over 20 years' experience in practising counselling. You can feel safe in the knowledge that, when you use my services, you will receive a professional and confidential service. If you are looking for a counsellor in South West London you have come to the right place. I am here to provide my clients with counselling sessions in a relaxed, supportive and safe environment.

I am a member of a group of counsellors called Elm Therapists who provide counselling services in London. I meet for professional discussions and group supervision, however I mainly work independently. I am a counsellor in South West London that specialises in:

  • Individual therapy
  • Couple therapy
  • Family therapy

I help my clients with a variety of issues, however the main issues that I help my clients deal with using a mindfulness based approach are:

  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Relapse prevention
  • Parental concerns about children's unacceptable behaviours (NVR)

If you are interested in using any of my services or you would like more information, call me today.

As a counsellor based in South West London, I offer my services in a convenient location near Victoria for Central and South West London. Although most of my clients are based in London, I have many who travel miles to use my services. If you would like to receive counselling sessions it does not matter if you do not live in London. I also offer Skype counselling sessions and therapy for my clients who are abroad or cannot come to an appointment in London.

I pride myself on offering a non judgemental counselling service, where my clients feel comfortable to explore their feelings and I help them to progress in their lives. It may be that you would like a taster session or you would like to book a block of sessions; as a counsellor in South West London, I provide both short term and open ended therapy for my clients depending on what their individual requirements are. If you choose to use my services as a counsellor in South West London I will meet at times convenient to you and your lifestyle.

If you are looking for a counsellor in South West London and you would like to get in touch with me you can contact me on 020 7828 6661. Making contact with me is the first step to changing your life; I look forward to hearing from you.

Lynn Arnold

I am an experienced psychotherapist / counsellor and supervising psychotherapist. I have trained extensively in a variety of approaches to counselling and psychotherapy.

I offer individual one-to-one therapy or counselling, couples' counselling and psychotherapy.

I'm also a qualified supervisor, supervising other practising psychotherapists and counsellors, using a psycho-dynamic, integrative and humanistic model.

I also work for the Employee Assistance Programme and am a Relate licensed counsellor.

I undertake counselling/psychotherapy with individuals and couples, and families using various techniques.

I also work with student psychotherapists through their training and beyond, as well as supervising students and qualified psychotherapists.

Integrative Therapy

Integrative working brings together various therapeutic theories in an integrated way. It centres on the whole person - body, mind, feeling and spirit, using different techniques relevant to each person. It is based on the individual's innate ability to heal themselves, given the appropriate environment and supportive relationship to assist change.

Bereavement Counselling

Bereavement is a natural process and can be the most painful experience we have. Our loss or grief can have many aspects, disturbing our appetite and sleep, even causing panic attacks. Each of us has a different way of dealing with it; we may want to share it or deal with it alone. It takes differing amounts of time to move through the experience and feelings will differ for us all. We may have feelings we feel we shouldn't. It can be helpful talking through things at our own pace.

Trans-personal Psychotherapy

Trans-personal psychotherapy draws on wisdom and theory from both Eastern and Western traditions. It offers a positive, creative and life enriching attitude to the problems we face. Instead of pushing away our difficulties, it encourages us to welcome the challenge. The area of difficulty is seen as an opportunity to grow and discover more about our true and deeper self.

Couples and Relationship Counselling

Relationship therapy generally focuses on the space between the partners by listening to and understanding the issues that arise. It can help you to work out ways to improve communication and relating. It can also be a place where deep individual work takes place with the support and witness of the other, helping you to explore the difficulties you are having in the relationship dynamics and understand the roots of these difficulties within each person in the couple or group.

Sometimes couples decide to separate and it can then help to work through this process.

Sex Therapy

Sex therapy can help individuals and couples overcome specific sexual dysfunction, including non-consummation, erectile dysfunction (difficulty getting an erection and/or keeping an erection), premature ejaculation, low sexual desire, painful sex or lack of orgasm, and lack of sexual confidence. Clients can make progress once the initial embarrassment has lessened and they begin to talk frankly about their sex life. The work in the therapy room is based on talking, however you may be given homework to do in the privacy of your own home, either on your own or with your partner.

Qualified and Accredited with UKCP

I am a registered member of the main professional organisation, the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy and adhere to their code of ethics. I am a member of the British Association of Sexual and Relationship Therapists.